Swinging Shower Door

Lantin Hinged Shower Doors Offer Four Different Collections, Wholesale Only, Accept OEM & ODM.

Select a Swing Door Configuration

The process starts with you knowing the layout of your opening. You need to choose the right swing door configuration. We have many options which include Neo Angle Swing Door, 90 Degree screen and Swing door, Inline Single Swing Door, and Swing Door with Two 90 Degree Screens. The next steps will be easy. We have great collection of designs, metal finishes, main glass types, and handles. For sure, you can take your pick easily. We have a lot of variations which are also for the different choices of clients. We even have the best price on shower doors. Hence, you can quickly get yourself a new swinging shower door. 

Neo Angle swing Door

90 Degree Screen&Swing Door

Inline Single Swing Door

Swing Door with Two 90 Degree Screens

Main Designs

Lantin offers state of the art, high definition glass printing capabilities. For examples of this exciting artwork on swinging shower doors see below, need more type, need more information please contact us directly.


Popular Metal Finishes

Professional design for swing shower door, not only means different types and more hardwares selection, but also high quality and professional service. Click Here to send us a photo, or you can call us at +86-571-82875607. 

Brushed Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze (Anodized)

Main Glass Types

 don't worry just Click Here to send us a photo, or you can call us at +86-571-82875607

Pattern A
Pattern B
Pattern C
Pattern D
Frosted Glass
Extra clear


Some handles and accessories shown below.

6x8 or 6x10” Ladder-Pull
6” or 8” C-Pull
6” or 8” C-Pull
6” or 8” D-Pull
6” or 8” C-Pull

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