90 degree Frameless sliding shower doors

  • Solid brass or SS 304/316 hardware.
  • Rectangular or Oval hinges.
  • Available in standard tempered glass, laminated glass or silk screen glass.
  • The glass can install lean on the wall.
  • Multiple hardware and finish options.

Design Your Custom Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

The best place to buy shower doors is at Lantin. There are many options. One of the best picks is the 90 Degree Frameless Sliding Door. Any shape or type is always possible. A rectangular shower cabin offers a big space. The solid brass or SS 304/316 hardware and rectangular or oval hinges make it even a perfect enclosure. Not to forget that the glass may be tempered, laminated or silk screen. You only have to ask yourself what suits you. Then, let us know your needs. We specialize in manufacturing any type of shower enclosure. Reach our staff at anytime.

frameless sliding shower doors
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    Just tell us what you need, any shape, any types, any hardware, you can customize it !

Select Sliding Door Configuration

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90 Degree Sliding Door&Panel

 90 Degree Double Sliding

Inline Sliding Door&Panel

Inline Double Sliding Door

Arc Double Sliding Door